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Columbus, Ohio  43221

Columbus OH ToursColumbus OH and Our Story

How It All Began...

     There I was, a newlywed from Tiffin, Ohio, relocating to Columbus so my sweetheart could get an advanced degree. When after graduation he pointed his finger at me and said "we will NEVER return to our hometown," I had no choice but to learn all I could about the City where I felt "doomed" to spend the rest of my life.  Little did I know then about the love I would come to know from a city waiting to warmly welcome its many visitors!  Fifty-four years later, the love affair with Columbus has blossomed into great joy as I continue to share with you the pleasure of getting to know about Columbus as I provide a cultural, architectural, and historical overview of America's 14th largest city. 


"Of all the cities we toured in Ohio, your tour of Columbus was the best!"...                     

--Paul, Cincinnati

"What a great tour!  As a tour guide, you rate extra wonderful."

--Class of '56

"I have traveled all over the world with my husband.  This tour was better than any of the others!.

--Spouse from Illinois

"You were a splendid guide...with fun and info for our foreign participants."

--International gathering

"We didn't know Columbus had so much to offer!"


"Gave great directions to bus driver.  Kept us on time."


"We learned some things, saw things we would not have seen on our own and had a good time besides." - from Northern Ohio

"Gee, I didn't know that about Columbus!"

--most visitors

Jean gave a great overview of Columbus that I could use as a base for my 4 days in the City.








Where can we go in Columbus? 

 Anywhere you want to go in the City...I'm here to help you Discover Columbus!  Won't you and your group plan on joining me?  I'm looking forward to it.


Jean, "The Tour Lady." Please call 614-816-8942 or email me at capcitytours@yahoo.com.