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Custom Tours

    Capital City Tours  can create the perfect tour for your group that will match your particular interests and agenda.  In our second decade of touring,  we have a wealth of knowledge in the local scene and far reaching connections giving us the ability to create just the right experience for you.

   Here are just some of the elements that can be incorporated into your tour group's planning.  The list is not exhaustive and items can be combined for the most fun:

How about a Brewery Tour?  or... 

Private Spa (Girls' Day Out)
Wild life
Behind the scenes in Art
Ohio in Flight
Fairs ‘n’ Festivals
Museums:   motorcycle, barber, doll, clothinggeology,  art,   science, train, military, TV, historical homes, Jack Nicklaus, flight, farm living
Shopping:   cool stuff, local artisan, curiosities, farm  markets  (and we've just scratched the surface!) 
Sports & more sports, inside & out
Author, author, author
Herbs ‘r’ Us
Make it ourselves
Cooking classes
Underground Railroad Stations

 Whew!  While the list is not exhaustive, I am!