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City Overview-

This is our introduction-to-Columbus tour, perfect as a base for further touring on your own or those who plan to move to our fair city.  We will cover the high points of the downtown area and the special districts of German Village, the Short North, Victorian Village, perhaps Olde Town East, and a bit of The Ohio State University.

$30 per person with a 2-person minimum, or call 614-326-0942 for group pricing.

Outdoor Sculpture & CityScapes-

As old as the first settlement in Columbus yet as modern as today, come explore the great collection of outdoor scuptures in downtown Columbus, Ohio! 

We pass by these interesting works of art everyday without possibly even noticing them.  We will travel familiar streets and some surprising out-of-the way spots, as our outdoor sculpture helps tell the tale of a city which is proud of its past as it poises itself for an exciting future.

$30 per person with a 2-person minimum, or call 614-326-0942 for group pricing.

Spiritual Heritage- 

Religious travel continues to be a growing trend.  Large numbers are taking pilgrimages to sacred sites.  Columbus, Ohio, is not a religious is not the National Cathedral nor the Vatican...but this tour is worthy as we look how early churches helped our city to grow.

A total of four historic Downtown churches will be visited.  Along the way, we will linger near other churches of historical significance, but will not visit their lovely interiors.

Tour times begin at 12:30 p.m. Weekdays only (no Saturdays nor Sundays).  Cost is $40 per person, including a donation to the visited churches.  An optional stop is offered at the Catholic Museum for an additional $10.00 per person.

For groups only.  Minimum of 4 persons in my van.  Larger groups are welcome.  Transportation can be arranged if your group has none or carpooling is always an option from church-to-church.  One week advance notice is required.


Tea Room Tour

This tour is no longer available - so sorry.  Since I first established this delightful tour, four (yes 4) tea rooms have come & gone.  As of this writing, only one tea room remains and that is the Cambridge Tea House on West Fifth Avenue in Grandview, Ohio.  Their number is 614-486-6464.  Since the word "tour" indicates travel from place-to-place and there are no more tea rooms where we could travel from place-to-place, I recommend you try the Cambridge Tea House to enjoy their hospitality on your own...and thank you for checking in at Capital City Tours!

Factory Tours--"See How It's Made" 

...or should we say, "lots of cool factories" tour?! Central Ohio is home to many interesting, one-of-a-kind, or just downright yummy factories that welcome visitors. 

Hungry?  Let's see how they make delicious chocolate candy.

Like to observe very talented people working with their hands?  Just how DO they put that little piece of cork inside a metal whistle?  Appreciate fine leaded glass windows?  Baseball bats?  Love those great hand-woven baskets?  Is your passion just climbing into an Airstream & hitting the high road?  Can't wait to get the latest-styled washboard...did I say "washboard?"  Yes, I did, and we can peek over the shoulder of all these craftsmen and women as they create the things we love.

Most factories are not open on the weekend and most charge no admission fee but a few charge a very minimal amount.  This tour is tailor-made for groups, so please call 614-326-0942 for group tour pricing.

Columbus Pioneer Life-

Long before we were known as "Columbus, Ohio," we were known as "Franklinton."  Lucas Sullivant settled the area just west of our present-day Downtown and it became just the 11th settlement in the Northwest Territory.  Come with us as we walk where Tecumseh and William Henry Harrison walked.  At the end of this popular tour, you will receive your very own "wampum" and some absolutely worthless cash.

This tour covers a very large area of Columbus and several of its suburbs in its 3-hour length.  I need a minimum of 4 persons, and this tour is $30 each.  Transportation can be arranged for your tour group when you call 614-326-0942 for pricing.