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NOW IN ITS SEVENTH YEAR! Tours continue only upon request.   
Even though there were no battles fought in Columbus, Ohio, during the Civil War (hooray!), the City was knee-deep in plans and actions regarding it.  Come along with Capital City Tours as we walk in the footsteps of Union soldiers and doomed Confederate prisoners, fiery abolitionists and desperate runaways, heroes, villains and ordinary people struggling to survive one of the most extraordinary times in our nation's history.  Brother against brother...father against son.  Never has this country been socially strained as much.  Join us as we explore Columbus' Civil War past.
Did you know that the first shot of the Civil War was made possible by an Ohioan and the last shot of the Civil War was presided over by an Ohioan?  Or that Ohio contributed more of its population to the Union Army than any other state?  Even many of the uniforms worn by the Union soldiers were manufactured right here in Columbus, Ohio!  While Columbus was not in the center of the fight between the States, its contributions to the Civil War were many and notable.

Points of interest may include:  Camp Chase, the Kelton House, and end at the Ohio State Capitol where President Abraham Lincoln lay in repose following his assassination...and so much more! 

Tours start at the Franklin Conservatory on East Broad St., east of Downtown.
Pricing options:  Small groups (3 - 6) by van = $35 per person [3-person minimum]
Medium-sized groups (7-25)  - $45 per person (assuming I provide transportation)
Large groups (25 persons or more) = call for group pricing



This Columbus tour would be perfect for Civil War Roundtable members, Civil War re-enactors, Historical Societies, group tour leaders looking for something truly different, Corporate outings, service clubs, and yes...even as a fund raising event.  I'll work with you and I won't let you down. 

Have I missed anyone?  Yes...the student population.  We, at Capital City Tours, feel the information we present on the real cost of the Civil War is very important to this current generation.


Planning your vacation this year around other Civil War sites?  Again, contact Capital City Tours, 614-326-0942, to include a stop in Columbus.